Talent Acquisition

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Our Talent
Our company is led by professionals with global enterprise consulting expertise. 
  • We’ve specifically designed our sourcing efforts to target, identify and recruit outstanding professionals who are trained to help our clients boost productivity, reduce costs, mitigate risks, increase efficiency, and ensure accountability.
  • We are proud of our reputation for delivering outstanding talent for specific hiring needs in high volume, competitive, and heavily regulated environments. 
  • We provide cost-effective staffing solutions designed to allow our clients to maximize the power of human capital that will add to the ongoing success of their business.
  • We provide value-added professional development opportunities for all of our talent, enabling them to not only improve their specific skill set, but to amplify the quality and value they provide to our clients.  
  • Our recruiting infrastructure is uniquely designed to take on end-to-end projects. 
  • We continually meet our goal of delivering exceptional candidates within 1-3 hours of receiving a requisition within our specialized niches.
  • We proactively work with small, medium, and large size companies to achieve their hiring goals by sourcing and recruiting top talent in a variety of fields, including: Scientific, R&D, Clinical, Project Management, Engineering, Information Technology, Finance, and Accounting -- among others.
  • We are highly skilled at recognizing the key skills a hiring manager is looking for and provide tailored-made services to meet their needs. 
  • We understand hiring managers have many daily responsibilities including recruiting new talent. Our goal is to streamline and reduce the costs associated with the time hiring managers spend sourcing and recruiting so they can concentrate on their core responsibilities.

The outcome? A truly customized solution designed to deliver results!


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Our Team
Our highly experienced recruiting team delivers innovative and customized workforce solutions to meet the complex requirements of all of our clients.

Each member of our highly skilled recruiting team are: 
  • Trained to utilize their diverse talents to locate the best candidates for each position.
  • Experts with a wide array of business and technology experience that provides a unique perspective to each recruiting effort.   
  • Vastly skilled in the realm of high-volume sourcing and executive searches.
  • Highly proficient in locating and securing top talent. 
  • Extremely capable of delivering high-volume results in fast turnaround, contract hiring environments.
  • Totally committed to identifying the best talent available while utilizing a diligent and cost-effective approach to staff augmentation.
  • Highly skilled at achieving their goals by utilizing industry expertise and innovative, cutting edge sourcing methods. 

The result? Our team delivers top talent to meet all of our clients’ specific needs. 


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Client Focus

dinaliC is an end-to-end, client focused sourcing provider committed to constructing and implementing unique sourcing solutions designed to meet our clients’ specific requirements.  At dinaliC, we are positioned to effectively and responsibly assist our clients in meeting all of their recruiting requirements and work quickly to assess job responsibilities, identify key skills, and craft a sourcing/recruiting plan that meets their needs.

Through our consulting, staffing, and direct partnerships with the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Device, and Consumer Products industries, dinaliC possesses the talent, experience, and initiative necessary to work towards a successful solution for any recruiting and/or staffing need.

At dinaliC our main objective is to utilize the many functions of our business to provide a streamlined, cost-effective approach to recruitment that delivers the results that meet our clients’ expectations.

With our proven, pro-active, client approach our entire team of experts:
  • Utilize a collaborative process for all of our sourcing solutions that has the proven ability to deliver value-added outcomes for our clients.
  • Are dedicated to focusing on the needs of our clients and are committed to providing exceptional client service. 
  • Recognize the ever-changing technical requirements of the industries we service and design recruitment plans for both short and long term goals.  
  • Fully comprehend that staffing needs are fluid and, often times, immediate and designed a unique sourcing model that eliminates the need for our clients to allocate their time and resources to finding appropriate sourcing solutions.   
  • Realize that our clients’ long term projects require the constant acquisition of top talent to engineer and create the products and services vital to keeping their businesses competitive. 
  • Understand that effective sourcing solutions that combine highly sought after technical skills and innovative thinking a cost effective manner is what our clients are looking for and we deliver it to them.

Our Approach 

Our account managers effectively and efficiently coordinate hiring programs between our clients and our recruiting staff and work diligently to ensure that job requirements are thoroughly refined with clearly defined skills and qualifications. Once our account managers have successfully completed this step, they effectively prepare and communicate each assignment profile to our recruitment team. 

Our talent acquisition team incorporates each assignment profile to locate the most highly qualified candidates for submission to our clients’ organizations. Once the team has completed this step, they conduct an initial, detailed, telephone screening and interview to ensure that only the best-of-the best candidates remain. At this point, the process is turned over to our assessment team.

Our assessment team is highly skilled in thoroughly vetting each potential candidate by implementing preliminary skill tests, conducting a second interview with more detailed requirement and skill-specific questions, and assessing which remaining candidates have the requisite skills necessary to meet our clients’ specifications. 

At dinaliC our goal continues to be to identifying only the best talent available by employing a value-added, diligent, and cost-effective approach to staff augmentation. 

And, by continuing to effectively utilize our deep industry knowledge, extensive pipeline of talent, and innovative, cutting-edge sourcing methods we successfully identify the ideal human capital solutions that meet our clients’ specific needs and expectations.