Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), a form of business process outsourcing where clients transfer all or part of their recruitment activities to dinaliC. In this relationship, we function as an internal recruitment division. We work closely with HR and department managers by leveraging our considerable resources and penetration in the industry to quickly and effectively locate, assess, and fill the workforce requirements of any organization.


 Client duties

  Our Strengths                 

 Our Challenges

  • Provide detailed recruitment plan.        
  • Provide detailed job descriptions.
  • Provide job requirements (MUST HAVEs).
  • Conduct conference calls related to the job order.
  • Provide market bill rates or salary.
  • Provide feedback on candidates resumes.
  • Schedule interviews timely.
  • Provide prompt interview feedback.                                         
  • Our end to end proven methodology.
  • Identify the role to be filled.
  • Promptly locating and sourcing the candidates.
  • Identify the talent in less than 48hrs.
  • Controlled recruiting process.
  • Onboarding process.
  • Drug screen and background checks in 03 days.
  • Provide cost saving benefits.
  • Streamline recruiting process.
  • Utilize latest technologies and methodologies.
  • Custom tailored program based on each client needs.
  • Our flexibility and quick responsiveness.
  • Social Media expertise - Linked-in, Facebook & Twitter.
  • State of the art end to end recruiting and sourcing tools - Bullhorn software.
  • Sourcing techniques - boolean search on databases, Google searches and online paid advertisments.
  • Partnership with Industry leaders such as Monster, Indeed, Job Circle & Linked-in.
  • Expertise in Vendor Managed tools (VMS) such as Fieldglass.
  • Other integrated tools - Ariba, SAP, Advanced Excel functions.
  • Incomplete recruitment plan.
  • Incomplete job descriptions.
  • Job descriptions are not clearly defined.
  • Low bill rates or salaries.
  • Very slow feedback on the resumes.
  • Not conducting the scheduled interviews.
  • Poor interview feed back.
  • Cancellation of job orders due to budget constraints.