Social Media

Social Media is an important tool for networking and staying in touch with contacts. Being mindful about the way you use social media is very important. Many companies including dinaliC, review  social media profiles of our candidates and employees. Maintaining a reputable online persona is essential as information is readily available. Any competitive advantage you may have gained by your superior resume, interview or other methodology may be destroyed by negative information that you have posted online.

Tips On Popular Social Media

  • LinkedIn – Maintain a complete and honest profile as this is a simplified resume. Use an alias email that gets forwarded  to your regular email that you can post in your profile so that recruiters may contact you. 
  • Facebook – Be careful with this, as pictures that may convey information which may reflect personality traits that are less than desirable for employers. Pictures which may have negative connotations and may show you in a bad light should be removed. If necessary, discontinue the service until after you receive the  job for which you are interviewing.
  • Twitter – This can be tricky but be careful about saying anything derogatory about the company or an employee. By avoiding company politics in any communication will allow you to avoid any unwanted attention that may be detrimental to your long term employment.

Be careful and considerate in which most problems that arise out of social media can be avoided.