Ace Your Interview


  • First, you must plan ahead. Do a little homework! Research the company and the position if possible, as well as, the people you will meet with at the interview. 
  • Review your work experiences. 
  • Be ready to support past career accomplishments with specific information targeted toward the company’s needs. Have your facts ready to discuss. 
  • Second you have to role play, because practice makes perfect. Once you have finished studying, begin role playing (rehearsing). Use the general questions provided in the  Good Questions section. Write down answers if it helps to make your presentation more concise. 
  • Try to keep your answers to the information your prospective employer will want to know. Also during the interview always maintain eye contact with your interviewer. 
  • Show you want the job with your interest. In addition make sure to be positive.  In particular, avoid negative comments about past employers. Next grasp the skills of listening and adapting. Be sensitive to the style of the interviewer. 
  • Pay attention to those details of dress, office furniture, and general decor which will afford helpful clues to assist you in tailoring your presentation. Also, try to relate your answers to the interviewer and his or her company. Focus on achievements relevant to the position.  
  • Finally, encourage the interviewer to share information about their company. Demonstrate your interest. Some suggested questions to ask the interviewer are provided in the  Good Questions section.


  • Phone interviews are becoming a common way for employers to screen potential employees during the hiring process. 
  • Phone interviews should be made on a land line, if possible, as cell connections can sometimes be difficult to hear or gaps due to cellular service may impede the conversation. Your english should be well spoken and grammatical colloquialisms and poor grammer should be forgotten. It is very important to speak clearly and be concise in your answers, additionally you should be in a quiet room with no background noise which would distract the interviewer. 
  • Keep Your Resume near the Phone.
  • You should always have access to a notepad and pen during a phone interview, so that you can write down the interviewer’s name, key questions he or she asked, and your responses.
  • Practice (and a Cheat Sheet) Makes Perfect
  • Just like with a traditional job interview, you should try to anticipate questions the interviewer might ask. If you have come up with examples and practiced your answers ahead of time, you will sound much more intelligent and confident in the interview. Moreover, since the interviewer cannot see you, there is nothing to stop you from referring to a “cheat sheet” – notes to help you remember your practiced answers, so that you never sound like you have been taken off guard. 
  • When you practice your answers and put together your cheat sheet, you should think about job interview questions that are traditionally asked, such as: 
    • Tell me about yourself?
    • What are your strengths and weaknesses? 
    • Where do you see yourself in 1/5/10 years? 
    • Describe a situation where you had to work with others to solve a problem.
    • Give me an example of a stressful situation you have encountered on the job. How did you handle it? 
    • Tell me about your three greatest accomplishments in your career. 
    • Do you have any questions?
  • Many of these questions are difficult to answer on the spot. By preparing your answers ahead of time, you give yourself the opportunity to think through your answers carefully. Your notes will refresh your memory if you draw a blank, and help prevent you from freezing up during the interview.


  • Dress for Success! It is important to dress in formal business attire as you will be taken more seriously and is a courteous gesture to the interviewer, as it shows your interest in pursuing your career. Be well groomed, this includes wearing deodorant! Believe it or not some people have lost jobs because they did not use a product that kills body odor. Additionally it is important to use this after you get the job as well! Be pleasant and in a good mood!. If someone asks you how you are doing ALWAYS answer in a positive reference such as excellent!, I am doing very well thank you for asking!, this set the tone for the whole interview, as you want the interviewer to feel good as well this is a great tool to use!  
  • Business Dress Well groomed.