Best Resume

Many people are stuck on the whole concept of “one resume fits all”. That concept may work in some cases; however, in order to maximize the chances of getting shortlisted, customizing your resume for every position, for which you are applying, is necessary.

Each position requires a specific set of skills and experience. In most cases, these skills and experiences are given right there in the job description. Many people may look at the job description and say “I’m perfect for this position”, however if the reasons why you are perfect are not reflected on your resume, then it is pointless to even apply. Hiring Managers take on  average less than 30 seconds to look at a resume.  That means candidates only have seconds to market themselves.

Here are some tips to make those seconds benefit you so that you will get noticed by the hiring manager.

  • First, make sure you list all the skills and that they are reflected on your resume. Some people tend to leave a lot of skills out that can be helpful and very beneficial to their goal, if listed. If the position requires drafting make sure you list all of your drafting skills as well as all the software and instruments needed for drafting.
  • Second, make sure all your skills in your skills section reflect in your job positions listed in your resume. Note your skills in each of your job responsibilities to ensure the hiring manager that you are proficient in these skills.
  • Next make sure you relate the job description to your job responsibilities. If the hiring manager sees that you had jobs with similar roles to the position that you are applying to then you have a better chance of securing an interview.
  • Writing a summary in the beginning of your resume, highlighting all your experience pertaining to the job description is a good practice. Adding bullets and bolding key words may also be helpful when a hiring manager is looking at your resume.
  • Please make sure to include your education, certification, training, skills, past experience, and job roles in resume. Always keep your resume consistent and neat and easy to read with easy to read fonts in appropriate type.
  • Hiring managers, having been in their fields for years, can easily pick out the candidates that can talk the talk and walk the walk, from the candidates that are all just talk.