It is all about Attitude!

Here at dinaliC, our team works around the clock to ensure that we exceed both our candidates’ expectations as well as our clients’ expectations. With the debut of our new web site, we’re also launching a newsletter titled ‘Don’t Do It! Don’t Do It! is a series of articles that will be issued periodically, designed to ensure that you do not only have a successful experience during the process of landing your new job, but also once you begin it. We’ll be offering you suggestions and tips on resume preparation, proper interviewing protocols, how to work through the actual job offer, and how to fit into your new environment. Through our experience here at dinaliC, we are able to learn and perfect the employment process and guide our candidates to success.

Looking for attitude

In the first edition of Don’t Do It, we will be discussing the importance of having a good attitude, and which ‘attitudes’ you should leave at home before going on an interview.  Being ‘selected’ for an interview means that the hiring manager has looked over your resume and concluded that both your skill set and experience is potentially a good match for the position being offered. But, don’t get too smug as you must keep in mind that the hiring manger is most likely interviewing other candidates with similar skill sets and experience. So how do you differentiate yourself from the others? The one word answer would be “Attitude.”

The hiring manager has reviewed your resume and already knows that you can do the job. It’s your attitude that the hiring manager is looking to interview. What the hiring manager is trying to find out is what type of person you are, what kind of attitude you have, etc. 

Since the hiring manager already knows that you can ‘do’ the job – what he/she is really looking for is well-thought out, honest responses to the following questions:

 What makes you different from the other candidates?
  • How will you perform this position better than the other candidates?
  • How well do you work with others?
  • How well do you react under pressure? 
  • What assets will you bring to the team?
  • How well you can back up your experience?
  • Can you be a leader?

All these questions cannot be handled correctly without the right attitude. A person that give offs the wrong first impression by being nervous, unenthusiastic, unambitious, and rude will not get hired.


First be confident. Never allow your nerves to get the best of you and never second guess yourself as you already have the skills and experience needed for the position. Note this in your mind, the hiring manager truly thinks that you might be a good fit for the position or else he or she would not waste their time on interviewing you.

If you’re concerned about making a mistake during the interview, don’t be -- because you will make a mistake– we’ve all made mistakes during an interview – even the hiring manager.

Answer each question honestly and with confidence. If the hiring manager asks you about past positions and your experiences (and he/she will) answer it to the best of your ability and explain your answers. Even if you have little experience in a certain area, don’t start your sentences with “well I have a little of” or “I sort of have”. Once you begin your sentence with a negative phrase, the hiring manager will disregard whatever you’re going to say after that. In other words, don’t sell yourself short because as long as you show confidence in yourself the hiring manager will have confidence in you.

Confidence is one of the main ingredients to a successful interview. However, be aware, don’t mistake confidences for arrogance or you may be heading on the road to disaster.

love what you do 

There isn’t anything a hiring manager likes more than to interview a candidate that truly loves the type of work they are being interviewed about. During the interview you should show your passion towards that particular field of expertise and that you’re not only doing this for the money but because your love what you do. Furthermore be energetic while you are talking to the hiring manager. Your attitude will show ambition, independence, and determination to fulfill the company’s needs.

Making the puzzle pieces fit

Essentially, try to give that kind and warming vibe through your attitude. Keep in mind if hired, the hiring manager is person whom you’ll be reporting to so make sure you’ve formed some type of connection with him/her.

Don’t come off too strong where people may interrupted as being rude and be careful of what you say--being too comfortable with the hiring manager may put you in an awkward situation. Your main goal is to leave the hiring manager with the sense of you being a great fit with their team. Your attitude, passion for the position, ambition, as well as your skill set and experience will show the hiring manager that he/she has finally found the missing piece of the puzzle.

Being nervous, lethargic, indifferent, timid, and ill-mannered are all attitudes that you shouldn’t bring with you to an interview, just simply DON’T DO IT!

George Farag 
dinaliC Team