We Stand Behind Our Values

dependable. We are driven by our company values and consider dependability one of our most prized assets. Our commitment to dependability is transparent in our dedication to delivering critical information and outstanding service to both our clients and our diverse pool of exceptional talent. From the beginning, our goal has been to do what we say and deliver what we promise in an effective, efficient, and timely manner.

integrity. Coupled with loyalty, our commitment to integrity not only strengthens our business model, but builds long-lasting relationships with both our clients and our team of talent. We believe that our ongoing pledge to do what we promise in an ethical and stable work environment is the cornerstone to maintaining successful and harmonious business relationships. 

nurture. We continually promote a positive and beneficial culture for our workforce by fostering human relationships. Our commitment to shaping human development allows our workforce to continually refine and polish their areas of expertise from the initial contact and interview process through the completion of their assignment. 

authenticity. Authenticity is the glue that holds together a healthy and beneficial work environment. Authentic leadership not only affects our workforce and clients, but society as a whole. Through effective communication, we promote positive behaviors, upstanding values, and authenticity within our business model and impart these principles to our workforce and our clients.

longevity. Although we are the ‘new kid on the block’ compared to other organizations in our field, every day we strive to prove ourselves by honoring our unique business model, our commitment to excellence, and our goal to exceed our own expectations as well as the expectations of our clients and our workforce. These commitments help ensure ongoing job opportunities and job security for our workforce and foster mutually beneficial relationship with our clients.

independence. At dinaliC we believe that our ability to stand out base on our merits' has been and will continue to drive our success. We actively participate and understand that different ideologies and practices are part of the challenges in any outcome. We focus on the task at hand and drive to incorporate our knowledge, expertise, ideologies and practices to find a solution with optimal results. We are actively engaged in our work and do not rely on anyone that does not desire the excellence we demand of ourselves and our partners.

Competency, Confidence, Consistency, and Character. Creativity, effective problem solving skills, continuing education, and critical thinking are the cornerstones of a competent workforce.  We encourage our workforce to continually refine their skills and collaborate with others to expand their competencies – no matter how complex or mundane. We promote confidence by providing our workforce with ongoing opportunities to learn, refine their expertise, and transform existing skills into new skills. Consistency equals accomplishments and improved performance and our workforce is encouraged to use these tools to reach their goals as well as the goals of our clients. At dinaliC, character counts, we aspire to a high moral code with integrity which helps set us apart from other organizations. We aspire to live and work with passion by enriching the lives of others through ongoing charitable efforts and we impart this passion to our workforce by encouraging them to adopt this philosophy and give back to the community.