Virtual Office

The concept that someone is able to work in the comfort of their homes, may be a hard concept to grasp. However, Virtual Office is exactly that. People exposed to the Virtual Office environment, work and communicate with co-workers across the globe without stepping foot out of their house.

The virtual office concept is not new to the business and it is not deployable in all situations. At dinaliC we have used the virtual office concept successfully and it has been a resourceful application. When applied with the right people, the virtual office concept can be an effective cost savings solution which allows flexibility and promotes personal responsibility. For the independent resource that do not need supervision or the constant access to the team at a physical level it gives that resource the ability to work in an atmosphere that is conducive to their lifestyle.

Virtual office Advantages

The virtual office concept promotes savings and is a great way to be conservators and stewards of the Earth. We believe that this process is an active role and everyone should work to make their little piece of the planet free from litter, potentially toxic items and improving water quality. This methodology is quite an easy concept to grasp. By promoting a work environment whereby transportation is not needed it is the single biggest way to help conserve the Earth’s natural resources. We also promote that people who are afforded this opportunity should also take the extra time to plant a tree, or do something that will promote a clean water supply system, or educate those less knowledgeable around them as to the impact they are having in their immediate area. 

Some of the technologies such as cloud computing, virtual networks, and video conferencing are making the path clear for more people and companies to embrace the virtual office. These technologies allow for the rapid and quick communication of ideas and storage of information for collaboration. As these areas grow and resources become more accustomed to this concept and the implementation of these technologies, the cost to companies will go down.  Also as more companies deploy this technology it will make it easier for people that understand and use this technology to be employed without having to move their families, therefore another huge savings for both the employee and the employer.

Culture vs Virtual office 

With our Sri Lankan and Indian based resources, we have allowed them the freedom to use their laptops, computers, and work independently from home. One of the factors that we did not consider when we first deployed this strategy was the cultural barriers and the resistance. This resistance was not from the people we employed as they are highly skilled and technically savvy individuals. The problem was that the family members did not understand the technology or the concept. It was the resistance from family members to understand how their relative could use the internet and be productive while working from home. We let our consultants teach their family and friends about how this virtual office concept works. We initiate and encourage our associates to engage others so as to gain wider acceptance and understanding. Some resistance occurs but overall has been a positive experience for everyone.

growth to Success 

The resources that have been working in the virtual office space have proved to be leaders and exemplary employees and team members. They have worked diligently and effectively to make this model a workable solution and as such have helped lower the costs of doing business in the US and abroad.  We embrace the technology and deploy it to help our business model grow and we realize that it is not suitable for everyone in our organization. Successful implementation of this process is initiated by finding the right resource that is part of the pieces that will deliver exceptional results for your organizational and business needs.  With the advent of new software, processes and business practices are always being refined and improved the virtual office should be given careful consideration.

Mark Gilbert
dinaliC Team