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Project Details 



Type: Upgrade Project

SCM 4.0 to 5.1
BI 3.5 to BI 7.1

Client: Consumer Goods Manufacturing Company                                                                         

  • Very tight time line. Required to upgrade eight different systems to support two parallel projects.
  • There was no real accountability on the clients technology outsourced partner.
  • Lack of project management and planning.
  • Lack of knowledge and experitise on products such as SCM and BI.
  • Outsourced partner lack of experience and expertise on SCM and BI.
  • Project Planninag and Management.
    • Created very detail project plan. This helped us to plan, manage and execute the tasks effectively.
    • Separated project plans for each component SCM and BI.
    • Added an integration point between the two project plans.
  • Two separate subject matter experts ran the SCM and BI projects in parallel. This saved lot of time. 
    • Shared and leveraged the knowledge between the team.
  • Conducted "Educating the team sessions" -This provided the insight and knowledge transfer of information into the SCM/BI upgrade process.
    • Sessions involved SCM data and data consistency.
    • Data backup (master data and transactional data).
    • Upgrade execution.
  • Cutover and go-live.
    • Extensive upgrade planning - Building the project plans, processing the upgrade manuals and reviewing a plethora of oss notes.
    • Reached out to other business partner networks & clients to gather their challenges and issues during SCM 4.0 to 5.1 upgrade.
    • This project was a great success. We went live earlier than planned.
  • Great partnership with the client and other industry players.

Type: New Implementation

Components:  SAP ECC 6.0, SCM 7.1 DP/SNP & BI 7.1 

Client: Food Company    

  • There was no real accountability on the clients technology outsourced partner. 
  • Lack of subject matter expertise with the outsourced partner.
  • Poor system performance.
  • Little or no system documentation procedures in place.
  • Helped the client with the SNP implementation.
    • Establish system refresh strategies.
    • Corrected numerous mistakes made by the outsourced partner.
    • Corrected the procedures created by the outsourced partner.
    • Established new system refresh procedures for an integrated SAP landscape - ECC/BI/SCM.
  • Performed complete system health check on:
    • SCM DP, BI, ECC - Core Interface & etc.
    • RFC tuning.
    • Enable Parallel processing in CIF/SNP/DP areas.
    • Knowledge transfer to the client.
  • Go-live went as planned with great results!

Type: New Implementation

Components:  SAP ECC 6.0, SCM 7.1 DP/SNP/PPDS & BI 7.0 

Client: Food Company              

  • Lack of subject matter expertise within the client organization.
  • Finger pointing type of issues between the basis team and the functional teams.
  • There is no clear understanding of accountability. 
  • There is no clear understanding of issue resolution.                                                            
  • Started the project by educating the client.
    • SCM training sessions
    • BI training sessions
    • CIF training sessions
  • Early education sessions helped the client basis team to analyze and understand the system issues and redirect them to appropriate people. This was a key process in eliminating any finger pointing.
  • As a result of this project, SCM technology subject matter experts were trained within the client organization from our close work with the client.
  • We are very proud to see the progress in this organization.

Type: Upgrade Project

Components:  SCM 4.0 to SCM 5.1 SCM DP/SNP/PPDS

Client: Chemical Company

  • Very challenging project.
  • SAP basis was outsourced to an India based technology firm.
  • Less transparency and accountability on their (outsource partner) part make this implementation very difficult one.
  • Lack of subject matter expertise within the technology outsourced partner.
  • Technology outsourced partner had never training in SCM/BI upgrades.
  • Technology outsourced partner did not understand the SCM data complexities.
  • Trainined the clients outsourced partner. Every phone call was very frustrating. How could you outsource your technology process to a partner who needs training during a major upgrade? 
  • Created very detail project plan. This helped us to plan, manage and execute the tasks effectively.
  • Helped the outsourced partner to execute the upgrade.
  • Recovered and fixed the SCM data inconsistencies.
  • Provided training to client functional staff with SCM data/CIF/Parallel processing functions.
  • Provided end to end health check analysis.
  • Provided Go-live support.
  • Went live as planned.

If your business has any requirement for setting up SAP SCM Core Interface or Live Cache then I would highly recommend calling dinaliC and having them take control of your technical lead for the setup phase of your project.  If you are already using SCM interfaces and Live Cache, then it would be to your advantage to take the time to have dinaliC come in and provide a tune up; Undoubtedly, dinaliC will provide a benefit, as they have solid years of demonstrated technical services with SAP and SCM products and they will use their vast experiences to provide you the best running system for its potential.  dinaliC will provide professional instruction for your staff in an easy to understand manner and will leave detailed documentation for you to use, as follow up resource documentation after they have completed the work. dinaliC proves that it provide the finest SCM Technical Resources giving a superior level of professionalism, service  and solutions, in my 12 years working for SAP, I have recommended dinaliC to many of my customers and will continue to do so.

SAP America - SAP SCM Practice Manager/SAP SCM Certified Platinum Consultant - Robert Courson


We have been partnering with dinaliC since 2006. Their subject matter expertise in SAP SCM and BI technologies has been a huge complement to our  SAP services. We get nothing but great reviews about dinaliC from our clients. dinaliC is a great company to partner with and they showcase solid values and expertise.

 K2 Professional Services - Principal - Matthew Campbell